Sitting at the core of clinical research, digital data management and analytics play a vital role, bringing revolutionary changes to the way we execute and report on clinical trials. Recently, with advances in cognitive computing and analytics, the use of information technology is increasingly impacting clinical research, clinicians, sponsors, and regulators in enabling the delivery of novel treatments and therapies to the community. This week, Advanced Research Center, Inc. (ARC) deployed OpenClinica as an electronic data capture (EDC) platform for study development and execution.

As a supportive force in clinical trials for more than 10 years, OpenClinica allows ARC to move from paper to digital source documents, enabling the remote quality control and performance transparency, and ultimately we will reach zero defect throughout our clinical execution.

In the era of pharmaceutical digitalization, a virtual infrastructure for managing data and providing input for cognitive analytics will be the heart of the advances in clinical research. ARC is proud to be heading toward the future architecture of healthcare and medicine.


Advanced Research Center is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We created this online presence as a platform for our potential clients and current clients to connect with us. As leaders and pioneers in the clinical trial profession, we are proud of the center we have built. ARC has been putting the well-being of our patients first since we started nearly a decade ago. We are excited to pursue the reputation of the most successful clinical trials center in California.

If you would like to stay connected with us, we encourage you to check back in on our website. We will be continuously working on an update, so come back soon!