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Sung Hye Yi, PhD, President, Founder

Sung Hye Yi, PhD, President, Founder

It all started For Me when...

I envisioned a future with personalized medicine. I imagined a global potential where people from all societies carry feasible access to free health care specialized to their individualized needs -- via both genetics and epigenetics (genetic expression resulting from environmental influences). Since then, I found clinical trials as the modest yet most formidable stepping stone for this grand dream. Please contact me at csine@arctrials.com if you would like to discuss in regards to this matter.


Ever since the Beginning...

We determined to provide the most accommodating care for our patients here at ARC. We ensured that every patient receives the most pleasant experience here whilst we acquire their records in the most respectable yet efficient manner and maintain them in utmost security to safeguard their identity.

-Dr. Yi

Charles’ passion for providing challenging solutions and the strength of his subject matter expertise is only matched by his impressive persona. A straight-shooter, the sincerity in his dealings is appreciated by clients, partners and colleagues alike.
— Ram Ramanathan - Media and Entertainment Business Executive, Ingene Consulting

Charles Sine is a very well-versed technologist with excellent management skills as well. He is focused and tireless and manages the complex and difficult well. He also has an excellent handle on work-life balance.
— Hugh Legister - Principal Consultant at Confidential
Charles drove a worldwide IT organization toward a common infrastructure and standards in a difficult multinational political environment. His creativity, energy and drive left a lasting mark on this organization.
— Scott Anderson - VP, Strategic Planning at The Walt Disney Company and Owner, at the Ellisberg Company

Charles is truly an exceptional consultant. Even after his departure from the Ingram Micro project his business models and advice are constantly brought up in project meetings and he remains very highly respected. Charles’ knowledge in the realm of Data Management and Analytics is second to none and his ability to advise senior executives and those in the C suite and guide them down the right path is quite impressive as well. I very much look forward to working with Charles in the future and would highly recommend him to manage future projects.
— Gabriel Stempinski - Founder, New Leaf Consulting